15 May, 2019

Blokfest Para Festival - Tickets now on sale!

Hi all,

So psyched that the Para event in partnership with The Castle Climbing Centre and Para Climbing London is now LIVE and you can get your ticket here via the Castle Website

Remember that tickets are limited and registration closes on 1st June. 

What to Expect
It all kicks off at midday. With a mixture of fun and elite routes, all para climbers are welcome at all climbing levels. 20 fun blocs, 3 routes, free t-shirts, live DJs and a spectacular roped final starting at 6.30pm.

WHEN: Saturday 8th June, 12pm start. Finals begin at 6.30pm.
WHERE: The Castle Climbing Centre, London N4 2HA
WHO: All disabilities and climbing levels welcome, spectators welcome! 

All boulders will have an optional top-rope. Competitors will be able to decide on the day if they would like to use this. 

Entry Fee: £7 - to cover the cost of t-shirts, any profits will be donated to charity

Anyone with a disability or long-term health condition (whether it’s visible, such as limb difference, or less visible, such as cancer) is welcome to participate. If you’re not sure which category best reflects you and your requirements, please either contact para climbing London for clarification or enter under our ‘open’ category. If you're not sure whether you are a para climber, drop Paraclimbing London an email (paraclimbinglondon@gmail.com).
If you fall into 2 or more categories, please select the category that is most disabling for you.

Climbers will be divided into the following categories:

  • Visual - please see below for additional information
  • Amputee - please see below for additional information
  • Limited Range, Power or Stability (LRP) - please see below for additional information
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disability
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Open - select this option if you are unsure of what to select or do not fall into any of the categories listed

  • We can not wait to see everyone and we are psyched for an amazing day. 

    Team Blokfest

    19 April, 2019

    Blokfest PARA festival - Save the date - June 8th!

    We are so psyched to announce our first ever Para Climbing Blokfest event. We have teamed up with Para Climbing London & The Castle to put on a routes and bouldering para climbing mega party! 

    Lots more details to follow in the next weeks but for now, if you are a Para climber save the date and look out for further details including tickets via Blokfest & Castle channels. 

    Team Blokfest 

    13 March, 2019

    Who will take the prestigious SEASON OVERALL "best 4 scores" titles this Saturday at the final round? Medals, salvers and the BIG trophies will be presented. The overall winners always prove that "form is temporary but class is forever".

    Check where you are at the bottom of this page. https://www.scorecard.info/en/blokfest-2018-2019

    19 February, 2019

    Mile End EpicTv highlights

    Round 4 highlights following the awesome powerhouse Stefano Ghisolfi around the legendary Mile End climbing wall.