16 October, 2016

Not long now! Season 5

Hi all,

We are super psyched now that Blokfest season 5 is just around the corner. (Hold on a minute how have we made it to 5 seasons!!!!!)

Anyway, the energy and determination from us to keep Blokfest kicking and super bad-ass for you guys is like we were at day 1 many years ago and that means we have plenty of new things in store for the first event at Mile End on Saturday 5th November.

This week by Friday 21st October online pre-registration will open, this means you pre-register for all 5 events. (it's the same form filled out just once if you are attending 1 or 5 events). The pre-registration online avoids any form filling out on the day which helps us a lot but it can be done on the day if you need to.

Ok, so lots for us to do this week working on *new crazy exciting stuff* including all new holds, volumes,  scoring, timings and loads of cool new sponsors to work with.

Big thanks to DMM and a huge array of awesome partners for once again helping make Blokfest happen.
Rock On, EpicTV, Five Finger Thing, Vertical Life, Serious Climbing, Blocz, ClimbSKin, Szent chalk, Scarpa, Beta Climbing Designs, 5.10, Beyond Hope Climbing, Onsight Nutrition, Constant Climbing, Flathold, Cheeta

This season is truly going to be epic. 
Keep an eye out for Online registration later this week. 

And see you at the legendary Mile End on November 5th. 

Team Blokfest

19 August, 2016

Blokfest #5 is coming!

Hi all,

Oh yes we are back and more psyched than ever before!

BOOM! The biggest and most Bad-Ass bouldering festivals are back for a fifth series and this year we have a brand new venue - Chimera. Get those dates in the diary as its going to HUGE this year, we are talking new everything..... and watch this space for the FINAL round!

 Mile End November 5th
Boulder Brighton December 10th
Chimera January 14th
Westway February 11th ...
Castle March 4th

08 March, 2016

Castle Climbing Centre full results Live

Hi all,

After an amazing final event to the 2015/16 season at the Castle Climbing Centre here are the results for the day and the overall results for the entire season. (best viewed on PC, laptop or via Scribd App).

Castle results

Overall results

Following up in the next few days we will have the most important results of all - MOST IMPOVED for the season!

You can also have a look through this great photo album from the day from Rokas.

Max Aryton in finals. Photo: Joseph Schenk

27 February, 2016

Blokfest final 2015/16 get psyched!

Hi all,

We are ridiculously psyched about the final round of Blokfest coming up at the Castle on Saturday 5th March. Everything we have done so far leads up to this event so its defiantly something not to be missed!

On the day we have a huge tour of fun boulders spread around the Castles multiple levels and all over there great variety of bouldering surfaces. After this it will be Showcase Senior finals 6-7pm with spot lights and live tunes!  We are also very excited about the UK's first official Zlag Board finger board competition that you will be able to have a go at during the day and especially at the After party. The Zlag board is a very innovative finger board that rigs up into some cool software to allow us to have a live projected leader board and hang-time scores. This will be the Fight Club equivalent of endurance and pain tolerance! We invite all the heavy hitters to have a go on the stage after the finals finish at the Zlag Board after party from 7-10pm with licensed bar and a cheering crowd.

So to learn more explore the website and our social media pages and be sure not to miss what could easily be the best Blokfest of all time.

Learn more about the Zlag Board competition via this video.

La Sportiva Zlagboard contest 2015 // Arco from Vertical Life on Vimeo.

See you there.
March 5th.

09 February, 2016

Bloc Climbing Bristol results

Hi all,

So Blokfest in Bristol was insanely Awesome!

Our first visit to the Bloc Climbing centre and I hope you all agree it didn't disappoint. The day surpassed all our expectations and we had a huge crowd turnout for finals which made for a nail biting finale to end an extraordinary day in Bristol. Attendance matched the London venues and we thank each and every one of you for making the journey and getting amongst it.

A huge thank you also to our round sponsors 5:10 and the series partners;
Rock On
3rd Rock
Serious Climbing
Five Finger Thing

We have photo albums on the way and a film from Volo digital that can be found via BMCTV very soon for now you can check out the full results from the day via the results tab or by clicking here;

Full results https://www.scribd.com/doc/298681663/BF-Bloc-Bristol-2015-16-Results

Visiting Lithuanian strongman Arturas in finals: Photo Joseph Schenk


02 February, 2016

Bloc Climbing Bristol Saturday 6th

Hi all,
We are getting close now to event 4/5 at the awesome Bloc Climbing Centre in Bristol. This is a BIG deal for us so we would be so psyched to have a huge day and make a seriously big scene from 9am until the end of the finals in the evening. We have some awesome stuff lined up alongside the crazy 25 bloc tour including a hilarious Special challenge based around some shipping equipment! We also have a great line up of live DJ's who will be playing for you all day.
Bloc is huge so we will be making the most of there awesome angles and spreading the blocs out far and wide to best use the space and reduce queuing. For those who haven't been before do not forget you get a hand printed Blokfest T-shirt or sporty vest with your entry and loads and loads of problems of all ability levels you will be able to do.  You can find out more by watching the videos on the right of previous rounds and on the Info page. You can pre-register if you like also here and its £15 or £20 on the day in cash.
See you soon.
Extra Psyched Team Blokfest


12 January, 2016

Mile End results Live!

Hey all,

No doubt some of you will still be recovering from Saturday - I know we are. Anyway it was awesome and that's what counts and looking at the scores there was a lot of impressive performances. We now look forward to The Bloc Climbing centre in Bristol on the 6th Feb and you simply have to be there as its an incredible centre and it will be soooo good to host a Blokfest there in what's set to be potentially be the best Blokfest ever????

Anyway click the link to find all the results from Mile End, you can scroll through the 22 pages to find the different category splits etc. (best viewed on PC, laptop or Via Scribd App).

Speak soon
Team Blokfest

p.s If you haven't seen it yet watch the round 1 highlights film on the right as its awesome and super inspiring.

Results Click here:

Leah Crane on finals Bloc 3
Photo: Rokas Juozapavicius