19 August, 2014

Deep water solo Exeter

Hi all,

Just a quick blog to let you know that next weekend will be the UK's first with a Deep water Solo competition taking place over Saturday30th and Sunday 31st August and Team Blokfest are involved with the route setting (Mike Langley, Gaz Parry, Gav Symonds, Ben West and Kornelija Howick accepting the challenge). No doubt some of you have entered so we will see you there but if have not entered why not head down to Devon for a weekend of watching the action. On the Sunday many of country's best athletes will be on display and no doubt we will see plenty of splash downs. Should be super exciting.

See you there.

Team Blokfest   

07 August, 2014

Blokfest is back!

Hi all,

Its official we are back for another season. We have been overwhelmed by the support and psyche of everyone out there and we cannot wait for another season to kick off. This year we have arranged a 5 event festival series at 5 awesome venues. This year alongside Westway, Castle, TCA Bristol and Mile End we are excited to start what will no doubt become a great relationship with Boulder Brighton. Boulder Brighton is an excellent bouldering only centre in the South with a great atmosphere, awesome staff and brilliant walls so be sure to book your travel down to this event.

Mile End and TCA Bristol are also making changes in time for Blokfest to there facilities both creating new mega comp walls that Blokfest will for sure be making the most of. The Westway was a brilliant event last year and we are so psyched that we can open the season with them. As for the Castle - well its flipping massive - say no more!   

So guys these are your dates, get planning and get psyched as we guarantee the 2014-15 season will be bigger and event better.

Saturday 25th October Westway
Saturday 15th November Boulder Brighton
Saturday 13th December Castle
Saturday 17th January TCA Bristol
Sunday 1st March Mile End

Further updates and registration information will be making its way up on the website over the next few months so keep an eye out for those.

See everyone soon and get that training in!

Team Blokfest

26 February, 2014

It's all about getting better!

Hi guys,

So our database wizard Chris "the formula" Carver has put together a totally different set of results for us all to ponder. We have all seen the big guns at the top of the leader board after each event but what actually counts is who got better and improved throughout the series right? Continually improving is way harder then just being good or staying the same all series we think so we put together "Overall most improved 2013/14 results" for a bit of fun.

We based the most improved on the following criteria;

1. Requires minimum 4 events to qualify
2. Rewards positive increases from event to event
3. Rewards steady, progressive improvements rather than sudden jumps
4. It is a competition so first score and overall average still count!
5. There's a small bonus for the hardcore fans that attended all five events

Certainly some different names at the top of these results - click here. http://www.scribd.com/doc/209380904/Blokfest-Overall-most-IMPROVED

Team Blokfest

p.s Big thanks to Chris Carver for putting this all together

Not necessarily about how big the number is on the scorecard!


Castle event photos

Hi guys,

Check out this awesome set of photos from Karolis Pipiras showing all the action at the final Blokfest of this season at The Castle.


In other big news we will be publishing the most important results very soon.... The most IMPROVED climbers of the season. Showing its not all about how strong you are but if you have got "better" and we all know that's what really counts :-)

Watch this space.

Team Blokfest

17 February, 2014

Castle event results

Hi all,

So the final event of the 2013-14 season is done and dusted. Click the link below to see how you got on.


The rankings are based on your Castle score and the overall rank is based on best of 4 scores. If you did not make it to the Castle event you will still be on the list but at the bottom. Remember to scroll on the way down to find yourself as there are 20 odd pages.

Coming up we will also be publishing the "most improved" overall rankings so we could be seeing some different people ranking highly on that one. Also Ben Grubb, Kamil, Neil Hart and the crew will be releasing a highlights video soon hopefully along with more excellent pics from Karolis.

Now now all that leaves us to say is MASSIVE MASSIVE thanks to everyone who got involved, the sponsors and volunteers who help make Blokfest possible. Phew!

Team Blokfest

09 February, 2014

Castle Blokfest is coming

So somehow we are approaching the final event of this season. It's safe to say it's been epic so far but have we saved the best untill last? Only time will tell but preparations are well under way and we are planning on going out with a bang. A few things to look forward to at the Castle are;

- 2 new epic bouldering areas
- More individual blocs for less congestion 
- 2 dj set ups with 4 DJs so far
- epic level of prizes and give aways 
- finals Bar
- huge talent in the finals with many of the British bouldering team attending
- 5 route setters 
- CAC stall, Evolv shoes demo and DMM/ MARMOT on site
- after finals celebration drinks and snacks in the Brownswood pub across the road

If you haven't attended a Blokfest yet this series and keen for the Castle event you can register online here  http://www.blokfest.com/p/entries.html or simply turn up on the day (online reg is easier). Remember it's £15 or £10 for under 18's which includes the designer Blokfest t-shirt or vest and there is always climbs set for everyone starting at VO-.

To remind you how last years event went you can check out this high lights video. http://vimeo.com/55946935

For now have an awesome week and we will see you on Saturday. 
Team Blokfest

22 January, 2014

Depot photos

Hi all,

Have a look at this awesome set of photos from Karolis that shows the whole day at The Depot Nottingham. 


Cheers Karolis - awesome work.