27 October, 2014

Westway results now live!

Hi guys,

So much to catch up on after a brilliant event at the Westway. For now here is a link to all the results.

Enjoy and scroll down for all the categories.


Team Blokfest

18 October, 2014

Only a few days to go

Hi guys,

The first Blokfest event of the highly anticipated third season is just days away now. Preparations behind the scenes are frantic as we push to get everything ready but things are looking seriously good for you guys and this season. A few reminders for the season;

- Please pre-register using the registration tabs above remembering that you only need to fill out the registration once for the entire season no matter how many events you are able to attend.
- Please take note of the new timings, juniors now start at 10am.
- Please remember cash for you entrance.
- Please remember there is always something for everyone grades wise and extra fun challenges so why not bring a friend also. (if you have any) :-)

 To get you psyched here is the highlights video from last years awesome event.


See you soon guys.

Team Blokfest  

08 October, 2014

06 October, 2014

Online registration now open!

Hi guys,

Online pre-registration is now officially open. 

Event online registration makes everyone's life's much easier and means no paper work on the day for you. Registration covers you for the entire series and all 5 events/ venues even if you can't make them all (shame on you)! 

This means you only need to fill out 1 form all season. It's a one stop shop registration process and payment is made on the day in CASH at each event. 

Please read the information carefully and read each centres Terms/ Conditions of Use before filling out & signing the form. 

Links can be found at the top of screen. The first people to register will be put into a prize draw for Rock On vouchers. Oooww yeah! 

Not sure if you want to attend for some strange reason? Check out this video and remeber their is and always will be plenty for everyone to climb - zero to hero. 

Team Blokfest

03 October, 2014

Important 3rd season changes!

Hi all,

Only a few weeks away from the start of what is set to be an epic 3rd season of Blokfest. We have awesome venues, holds, volumes, DJs and much more lined up for you and to help make things continue this way we have a few important changes this season to be aware of.

So first things first – Timings of the day

 We have been overwhelmed by the attendance at each event and to make sure everyone still has an awesome time and can climb safely we are going to reduce the overlap between juniors and seniors starting times on the day. The new  times are:

Juniors 10am-1:30pm

Seniors 1pm-5pm

 We have reduced the overlap from 1.5 hours to half an hour by making the juniors start time slightly earlier and reducing their overall time to 3.5 hours instead of 4 hours. This was not an easy decision to make and we were stuck between a rock and a hard place really with this one but justified this move by the fact that the Juniors are overall a smaller group size in terms of numbers of climbers compared to the adults.   Also looking back we felt the majority of juniors finished within the allotted 4 hours anyway and a lot of the Juniors always arrive super early (no doubt much to the parents' delight).

 This new timings will help make a much nicer climbing environment and safer for all involved which is so important and we thank you in advance for your understanding in this move.

Entrance Price

 Blokfest is and has always basically been run by volunteers. As the three main organisers we have to volunteer the majority of our time to make these events even possible. Why do we do it? Who knows - I guess it’s just too much fun seeing everyone have a good time and climbing their best. However since we started we have had the same pricing scheme and that was based on trying to cover our expenses so these events can continue year on year and as the events have grown and we try and pack more and more into Blokfest the expenses have increased.  

 This does mean we have had to bump the entree price up by £5, under 18s will now be £15 and Over 18s will be £20. Compared to other events of this scale and what you get packed into the day we hope you still see this as excellent value. Don’t forget you still get your free one off Blokfest season t-shirt or vest and the opportunity to come away with some of the thousands of pounds worth of sponsor gear give-aways!

 Team GB

At Blokfest HQ our aim is to support this great sport and one of the many ways in which we were doing this was by supporting Team GB members by giving them free entree. Although a number of the team athletes were either donating a contribution or paying full price entrance anyway we have had to make the call for standard entree price for everyone. As much as we would love to continue giving free entree over the last two season we have affectivity donated over a £1000 to the GB team. If we continue this it will start to effect the standard of the events for the majority and Blokfest would struggle to survive. However we will continue to support our GB climbers by providing the very highest quality of event with first class route setting and frilling finals at an international standard.

We hope  that these changes this season will help make these events safer, more fun and forever improving.

 To help you make up that £5 increase here are 10 extremely serious £5 saving tips before the season starts.

       1.       Only ever campus at the climbing wall as to not wear-out the fronts of your shoes.

2.       Always climb and walk very slowly so you do not get too hot and use expensive chalk up unnecessarily. (If you do get very sweaty see point 4.)

3.       Only ever wear your Blokfest tops even at work – saves buying clothes – they are expensive! If you have to buy clothes use Rock-On they are cheap and mega just look at Dom’s shorts!

4.       Always knick your mates chalk who reckons he/she is either too busy to enter Blokfest or only likes “climbing outside” J.

5.       When climbing indoors do not bother with routes as belaying = not climbing time. Time is money!

6.       When watching Blokfest finals be sure to befriend a very tall generous person so they can catch the free booty being thrown out before everyone else.  

7.       When paying at the first Blokfest event bulk buy for the whole season and get a discount.

8.       If you lose your chalk bag do not BUY a new one before Blokfest instead beg for a new one from one of our sponsors or from Gaz Parry (he has way to much stuff)!

9.       Go on a diet – food is expensive!

10.   After a hard climbing session drink protein shakes not beer. £4.50 a pint! However if you do need to go the pub don’t go with a climber - their too tight fisted, especially Gaz!

See you at Westway October 25th .

Team Blokfest

25 September, 2014

Blokfest season 3 nearly upon us

Hi guys,

So the third season is less then a month away, behind the scenes we are frantically getting everything ready for you all and we are so psyched to get underway at the Westway. Online registration for this series will open very soon so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for it. 

We have loads of crazy new stuff for you guys including an entire new hold selection from Volx so make sure you don't miss out at the Westway and the rest of the rounds. We will also have a slightly adjusted timings format to ease congestion on the blocs and details of this will be released soon also.

So much stuff coming your way it's going to be mega.

We will keep you posted running up to the first event now and as always check us out on Facebook for all the updates. https://www.facebook.com/Blokfestuk

If you have not seen it yet either get psyched with this teaser video.

Team Blokfest 



19 August, 2014

Deep water solo Exeter

Hi all,

Just a quick blog to let you know that next weekend will be the UK's first with a Deep water Solo competition taking place over Saturday30th and Sunday 31st August and Team Blokfest are involved with the route setting (Mike Langley, Gaz Parry, Gav Symonds, Ben West and Kornelija Howick accepting the challenge). No doubt some of you have entered so we will see you there but if have not entered why not head down to Devon for a weekend of watching the action. On the Sunday many of country's best athletes will be on display and no doubt we will see plenty of splash downs. Should be super exciting.

See you there.

Team Blokfest