12 November, 2019

Get your scorecard ready

Hi all,

Not long to go now until the first event at Harrowall on Saturday. Remember all the scoring is handled by our friends at Vertical Life. All scorecards need to be entered via the Vertical Life platform. (We will have paper copies to help you make notes if you need it).

It's super easy and provides instant Live results for all categories and enables us to do a podium for each category as soon as the round has finished.

Watch this video from last season as to how to get yourself set up NOW before Saturday.


Please click the link below and get your scorecard(s) set up before you arrive on Saturday. If you are having problems we will have a team available on the day to help.


See you on Saturday.

Team Blokfest

08 October, 2019


Hi all,

Online tickets for all 5 events will go live this Friday via the Eventbrite website (same as last year). We will publish a full link on here, Facebook and Instagram on Friday. All tickets must be purchased online only. 

Based on last year tickets will sell out fast so be speedy :-) 

Team Blokfest

07 August, 2019

We are back for 2019-2020

Hi all,

We are very proud to announce the Season 8 dates.

This year we take a break from the legends at Boulder Brighton and head over to a BRAND NEW centre in Bristol - FlashPoint!

It's so exciting as at the time of writing the wall is still in the early days of construction. The four other venues remain as legendary as ever and we cannot wait to have a massive season kick-off at the epic Harrowall, before going big and shiny in Bristol. Then, after Christmas, we move onto the party peoples favourite Yonder before finishing up with the classics tour - Mile End and Castle.

We have many exciting plans for this coming season and if season 7 was our best yet just wait for season 8.

Tickets will go on sale via Eventbrite in early October.

Keep in the loop for more news as it comes up.

Team Blokfest