16 October, 2012

Event Registration Forms

This blog gets you one step closer to the first round of Blocfest! Psyche overload...

Click the links to download (below) then print off and fill out your 2012/2013 series registration form and bring it with you along with some cash on Saturday. In short this is how it works;

-          You are only required to fill out one form that covers you for all of the events in the 2012/2013 series
-          You are required to read each hosts centres Conditions of Use before signing
-          The forms are spilt; one for over 18’s and one for under 18’s make sure you fill out the right one
-          The under 18’s form is then split into two parts;
                                16’s and over
                                Under 16’s
-          16’s and over need parental/ guardian consent but are not required active supervision on the day
-          Under 16’s need to be actively supervised by a parent or guardian on the day who has to fill out their own over 18’s form even if they are not climbing. (In case they get squashed by a falling climber)
-          One person such a school teacher can actively supervise as many under 16’s they and the parents fill comfortable with but remember it has to be active supervision at all times. 

-         Forms are to be returned on the day of the event and payment can be made then in cash only please.

So download those babies and get them filled out.

On other developments we have received in depth knowledge at Blocfest HQ that Rock On are going all out on Saturday at Mile End with a massive tent of HALF PRICE gear! Not only that but they are giving away £100’s worth of spot prizes to those who put in that extra memorable effort on the blocs (or kiss Gaz)! After the event we are all heading over to the awesome Palm Tree for some much needed liquid refreshments.

See you all there on Saturday 10am onwards.

Under 18 Registration Form

Over 18 Registration Form

Conditions Of Use Mile End

Conditions Of Use The Castle

Conditions Of Use Reading

Conditions Of Use TCA

Conditions Of Use The Biscuit (Arch)