13 February, 2013

TCA timings

Hi all,

As we expect TCA Bristol this Sunday to be a really popular event we will keep the timings of the day the same as Reading (see below). This waY we get to keep everyone safe and having fun.

The whole day is shaping up to be awesome with the TCA crew putting in a big effort and all of us are getting over excited to fill the vans with holds and some new volumes and get on the M4.

See you on Sunday...
The Blocfest Team

Timings of the day

10:00 - Pick up attempt sheets and get psyched up with coffee

25 bloc tour start times:

10:30 – 14:30  Junior

13:00 - 17:00  Senior

10:30 - 17:00  Fun challenges

18:00 – 19:00 Senior showcase finals

19:00 onwards - Apr├Ęs events