13 August, 2013

New name - New dates

Hi guys,

So first things first - we had to change the spelling of our name! Why? I would like to say it's because 'Kool' is the cool way of spelling 'cool' and therefore K's are better then C's and Blokfest should be spelt with a K but that would be lying....

To cut a long story short we HAD to - like you HAD to eat your crusts when you were at school or Mum would have a word with you!

So Blokfest it is, same pronunciation, same festivals, same everything! In fact that is a lie it wont be the same at all. Its going to be even better as we have spent the last 6 months planning the sickest set of festivals for the 2013-14 series. To start with we are very proud to release the dates and venues:

Mile End 20th October '13
Westway 16th November '13
Reading CC 1st December '13
The Depot Nottingham 19th January '14
The Castle 15th February '14

A massive thanks to this seasons host venues and a tip of the hat to last series brilliant hosts TCA Bristol and The Arch. It would be our privilege to be able to host at these walls once again but we have to try and share the love around and there are so many good climbing centres.

For now get those dates in your diaries LIKE our new Facebook page and see you all on Sunday 20th October.