17 February, 2014

Castle event results

Hi all,

So the final event of the 2013-14 season is done and dusted. Click the link below to see how you got on.


The rankings are based on your Castle score and the overall rank is based on best of 4 scores. If you did not make it to the Castle event you will still be on the list but at the bottom. Remember to scroll on the way down to find yourself as there are 20 odd pages.

Coming up we will also be publishing the "most improved" overall rankings so we could be seeing some different people ranking highly on that one. Also Ben Grubb, Kamil, Neil Hart and the crew will be releasing a highlights video soon hopefully along with more excellent pics from Karolis.

Now now all that leaves us to say is MASSIVE MASSIVE thanks to everyone who got involved, the sponsors and volunteers who help make Blokfest possible. Phew!

Team Blokfest