26 February, 2014

It's all about getting better!

Hi guys,

So our database wizard Chris "the formula" Carver has put together a totally different set of results for us all to ponder. We have all seen the big guns at the top of the leader board after each event but what actually counts is who got better and improved throughout the series right? Continually improving is way harder then just being good or staying the same all series we think so we put together "Overall most improved 2013/14 results" for a bit of fun.

We based the most improved on the following criteria;

1. Requires minimum 4 events to qualify
2. Rewards positive increases from event to event
3. Rewards steady, progressive improvements rather than sudden jumps
4. It is a competition so first score and overall average still count!
5. There's a small bonus for the hardcore fans that attended all five events

Certainly some different names at the top of these results - click here. http://www.scribd.com/doc/209380904/Blokfest-Overall-most-IMPROVED

Team Blokfest

p.s Big thanks to Chris Carver for putting this all together

Not necessarily about how big the number is on the scorecard!