09 November, 2015

Well that was awesome!

Hi all, 

Wow what an awesome start to the 4th Blokfest season at the Westway. Once again the Westway team pulled off an amazing job to make us feel so welcome and be able to host so many psyched people. We are so pleased & thankful with all our sponsors that helped make the first event and this season possible so a huge thanks to them also. But let's not forget EVERYONE who attended you are the true heroes for making Blokfest what it is and having so much fun we love you all. 
So results will be with you as soon as we can - in fact they are actually being input right now but please remember be patient as we have "real" jobs too :-) most likely they will be published Tuesday night. 
For now sit back relax, check out Blokfest Twitter and Facebook and get psyched for Brighton on 12th December as it is going to be SICK - guaranteed! 

Team Blokfest