16 October, 2016

Not long now! Season 5

Hi all,

We are super psyched now that Blokfest season 5 is just around the corner. (Hold on a minute how have we made it to 5 seasons!!!!!)

Anyway, the energy and determination from us to keep Blokfest kicking and super bad-ass for you guys is like we were at day 1 many years ago and that means we have plenty of new things in store for the first event at Mile End on Saturday 5th November.

This week by Friday 21st October online pre-registration will open, this means you pre-register for all 5 events. (it's the same form filled out just once if you are attending 1 or 5 events). The pre-registration online avoids any form filling out on the day which helps us a lot but it can be done on the day if you need to.

Ok, so lots for us to do this week working on *new crazy exciting stuff* including all new holds, volumes,  scoring, timings and loads of cool new sponsors to work with.

Big thanks to DMM and a huge array of awesome partners for once again helping make Blokfest happen.
Rock On, EpicTV, Five Finger Thing, Vertical Life, Serious Climbing, Blocz, ClimbSKin, Szent chalk, Scarpa, Beta Climbing Designs, 5.10, Beyond Hope Climbing, Onsight Nutrition, Constant Climbing, Flathold, Cheeta

This season is truly going to be epic. 
Keep an eye out for Online registration later this week. 

And see you at the legendary Mile End on November 5th. 

Team Blokfest