03 November, 2016

Blokfest Live electronic scorecards

Hi all - CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

Electronic scorecards and live results at Blokfest.

YES! This has been a beast in the making with Vertical Life but it's LIVE.

For it's 5th season Blokfest is releasing an exciting development - electronic scorecards! After dealing with thousands of paper sheets, manually entering all the scores and making you wait for a few days for the results to be published we decided that we can do better than that! Here are some of the coolest features of the electronic scorecard and changes it will bring:

-Live results throughout each event!
-The results will be displayed on big screens
-The new system allows junior climbers to be split into youth categories and all youth categories will have a podium ceremony after each event!
-Each time you mark your new ascent you automatically see your new rank
-No waiting for results to be published after the event - they are instant!

So make sure your phone/ tablet or laptop is changed and let’s enter the future of climbing competitions this Saturday!

If you are not comfortable with technology, fear not - we will have a technical team available to assist you with any questions.

Note to young climbers' supervisors: if you are supervising more than one child make sure that they bring their own smartphones/tablets where/if possible. If you will be entering the scores for them - create their accounts before the event using simple passwords that you can remember. A little bit of extra effort from you means we can have the full youth category split res
ults at each event and award the deserving young winners.

Watch the video to learn how it works.

Get your scoresheet here. 

Extra Notes:
No www. for domain name.
You cannot submit your score until the event is Live on Saturday.