11 December, 2016

Boom Blokfest round 2 - smash hit!

Hey guys,

Just a quick post to say WOW what an awesome day yesterday and a huge thanks to everyone who took part and got amongst it. We had around 450 climbers in total battling out on a "tricky" tour of blocs and everyone from the youngest Youth C climber in the mornings all the way through to the Masters in the afternoon/ evening climbed so well, tried hard and most importantly had fun.

Results for the day can be seen via this link here. https://contest.vertical-life.info/events/blokfest-2-boulder-brighton
Finals results below.

Special thanks to the brands and people who helped make this event possible and Boulder Brighton for providing an awesome venue and amazing coffee!

Beta Climbing Designs
Rock ON
Cheeta climbing holds
3rd Rock
Five Finger Thing
Onsight Nutrition
Serious climbing
Szent Chalk

Onwards and upwards now through Christmas and to Chimera in January. Stay tuned on Friday for the EpicTV highlights film.

Team Blokfest

Men's finals results

Women's finals results

Molly crushing in finals for the win.