21 February, 2017

4 Down 1 to GO

Hi all,

They say "leave the best until last" but at Blokfest we find that hard as every event is so much fun! The 4th round at the Westway certainly proved that and the day was totally awesome from start to finish. A huge thanks to the Westway crew for putting up a great venue and their future looks really bright with lots of new developments. A BIG UP to everyone who came along and climbed and of course to the super crushers who won in the Juniors/ Masters and in the Senior the finals - Jennifer Wood and Matt Cousins. All the results from qualifiers can be seen on the scoring website. www.contest.vertical-life.info.

Now we have only 1 event left and hopefully, we are leaving the best until last at the Castle. A huge venue with tonnes of space for everyone, with more individual blocs set, the official Zlag Board comp coming over from Italy, live tunes all day, Licensed Bar and lots of fun for everyone no matter what your ability is.

Check out round 4 highlights on the right and see you at the Castle on Saturday March 4th.

Team Blokfest

Photo: Jeremy Leong

Photo: Jeremy Leong
Photo: Joseph Schenk


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