28 February, 2017

The Final fun event and Live scores for overall. BOOM!!!

Hi all,

SO close now to the final event of the season. To be honest although extremely tiring we will be sad when its over! However - we have to work late nights once again in preparation for the event on Saturday at the Castle. It will really be a mega day for everyone and we hope you can all make the trip to the Castle to get amongst the fun. 

For now, we can bring you the link for Live Overall results for Best of 4 scores! These league of scores will be LIVE all day at the final event alongside the Castle round scores. https://contest.vertical-life.info/blokfest/overall 

It would be great to see everyone on Saturday and bring your freinds as its going to be great fun. 

Oh and did we mention if you break the record on the Zlag Board comp you can win €1500!!!!

Screen grab from overall results