22 February, 2018

Dear Parents and Supervisors...

Dear Blokfest parent/ supervisor,

Blokfest this week heads into its 29th edition. We take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for being a part of it with us.

Since the launch in 2012 Blokfest has seen a huge increase in its participation numbers especially this season. This has resulted in us having to adjust our thinking on how best to run each round in a smoothest way.

We already consider a huge number of organisational elements at each round. However, looking ahead, more significant changes are required.

As we have only two events left this season the bigger changes will start next season. For the remaining two events - Westway and The Castle - we need to ask for your help in running the junior event as smoothly as possible.

Points to consider

- Queuing

An inevitable aspect of having so many climbers on 25 boulders! To help with this we ask that only junior climbers stand in line for boulders. Queue place holding by adults, although very wise, adds an element of unfair competition to other participants. Having only climbers in the queue will also reduce the numbers of people on the mats and in fall zones making the events safer. Let's make standing in line an opportunity to have a rest and some fun for the young climbers to socialise with one another.

- Supervisors standing in or too near the field of play

Where possible we ask if the supervisor(s) of the climber stand back from the wall or at least out of the field of play (close proximity to the climb) where possible. As long as you remain actively supervising.

- Climbing time on a boulder

We appreciate that some climbs are very challenging but please be aware of your fellow climbers who are waiting for their turn and avoid pausing on climbs for extended periods.

- Cheating

Manufacturing scores is absolutely not tolerated at Blokfest. It saddens us that people cheat. We are aware of some cheaters and you will be called out publicly if it continues. If you are unsure of your score, have a question if a start, bonus or top was successful or legitimate please come and ask one of our friendly team.

Let’s stamp this out now together and not endanger the amazing spirit of climbing.

- Squad sizes and numbers of supervisors/parents (Westway only)

Please be aware that the Westway is not the biggest venue for Blokfest and please consider how many parents or supervisors per child you bring.

- Entrance payment

If you can pay with the correct cash (£15 using a £5 note) for each junior climber at registration, it will dramatically decrease the check-in time.

- Electronic scoring

You are all doing a fantastic job with electronic scoring so please remain prepared before each event by checking your Vertical Life login is working fine and by making sure you have sufficient phone battery and data allowance for the duration of the event. https://blokfest.vertical-life.info/

If we can help one another by considering the above points we can continue to make Blokfest events super fun and enjoyable for everyone at all times.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kind regards,

Team Blokfest