18 January, 2023

Round #4 Mile End 4th February

Hi all,

Mile End is a venue as classic as it gets and the first-ever venue we attended as Blokfest back in 2012. We are back on 4th February for our 9th visit. 

However, it is the smallest climbing center we attend and sadly that does mean some will miss out as Under 16's tickets sold out a long time ago.  I really feel for people in this position and wish we could do something further but we cannot make more space and have to respect safe numbers in the building. 

We still have over 18's adult session tickets still up for grabs though so go get em. 

Event Timings of the Day

10am- 1:30pm Junior Qualification

2pm- 5:30pm Senior Qualification

6:30pm- 7:30pm Showcase Finals