16 /17 Yrs Reg Form

Registration for Blokfest 2018-19 season is Not Open just yet. Check back soon you keen bean!

16 & 17 year old registration

This temporary host climbing centers event registration form for climbing at Blokfest 2017-18 events for 16 or 17 years old climbers must be filled out by their parent/ guardian or an adult who has permission from their parent/ guardian to register the child for participation in these events. This form registers the climber for ALL 5 Blokfest 2017-18 season events even if you are not planning on attending them all.

The adult completing the registration must make sure the child understands all the safety information provided in this form and is aware of restrictions of temporary registration however the child does not need to be supervised at the events.

Online pre-event registration is not compulsory but makes life much easier and means you are not queuing and filling out loads of forms on the day.  Please read the terms and conditions of the host centers which you can find linked below and make sure that 16 - 17-year-old climber you are registering understands them before filling out the registration form.

NOTE: the entrance fee can only be made on the day.

The *information you provide will only be used for the Blokfest registration process and will not - ever be passed onto any evil money grabbing 3rd parties.

Conditions of use StrongHold

Conditions of use Oakwood
Conditions of use Westway
Conditions of use Mile End
Conditions of use Castle