About Blokfest

Imagine climbing amongst all your friends, big tunes, great atmosphere, fun challenges, the latest and best climbing holds, and give-aways galore – this is Blokfest!

Blokfest is five giant bouldering festivals led by world-class boulder setting at the premier league climbing centres in the South of England. Blokfest is here to capture all that is exciting, social, fun and challenging about indoor bouldering. It is a festival that has something for everyone from beginner to junior to climbing hero. You can come to have some fun and then make sure you find a good spectator space for a grand final or crush all day and then be in the final – either way you’ll have a bouldering session of your life!

This is how it works:
  • 5 Blokfest events between October and February/ March each year
  • 25 awesome boulder problems from really easy to seriously funky
  • An inspirational showcase final at each event 
  • Free stuff and great prizes at each festival day
  • DJ’s or live music at each event
  • Various challenges, from how long you can hang onto a slippery volume to how far you can get on a very very long problem before your forearms explode

Meet The Team

Gaz Parry

A living legend. 7-time British champion and one of the most famous climbers in the world. Climbing and competing for over 22 years Gaz has climbed around the world, routes up to 8c+ and 8B+ blocs of which many where first ascents. Gaz has even moved house to accommodate his bulging trophy cabinet which houses the prestigious Acro Rock Masters silver wear amongst hundreds of others. After competing in the World Cups and for Great Britain for many years he decided to give something back to all the psyched climbers that they have not experienced before in the form of Blokfest. Find out more about Gaz here.

Mike Langley

BMC national route setter and the head setter at The Castle Climbing Centre in London. Mike is a highly experienced competition route setter having set for the British Mountaineering Council on numerous occasions for both senior and youth events. Outside on the rock he has climbed first ascents along with 8b routes and 8a boulders. Mike has also competed in the national championships and been an official at multiple world cups. Psyched doesn’t even cover it!

Kornelija Howick

A rising star in the route setting and bouldering game with bags of talent and a drive for success in whatever she turns her hand to. She has climbed throughout Europe and has a unique ability to find “Knee Bars” in every boulder problem in Font. Kornelija’s moto in climbing is ‘the best climber is the one having most fun’ and this is always her focus when setting for Blokfest. Outside of climbing you will normal see Korneljia on crutches or on the bus on the way to hospital!