2019/20 Season
All rounds qualification results

All results from each round can be found via Vertical Life link.

2018/19 Season

All results from each round can be found via Vertical Life link. Finals results from each event are below also.

Event 4 Mile End Finals

Event 3 Yonder Finals

Event 2 Boulder Brighton Finals

Event 1 Harrowall Finals

2016-17 Season

All results for the season can be found here via our Vertical Life online scoring system

Round 3 Chimera 
Qualifer round results

Finals results

Round 2 Boulder Brighton 

Qualifier round results

Finals results

Round 1 Results Mile End November 5th 2016

Click link below. On the home page click on Mile End event under previous events and at the bottom you can see the different categories.

2015-16 Season

Overall results 4 best scores 2015/16 season Click here:

Castle Climbing Centre 2016 full results Click here:

Bloc Climbing Bristol 2016 full results Click here:

Mile End 2016 full results Click here:
(Best viewed on a PC or Laptop or via Scribd app) *22 pages total*

Boulder Brighton 2015 full results Click here:
(Best viewed on a PC or Laptop or via Scribd app)

Westway Climbing centre 2015 full results Click here;

2014-15 Season

For a bit of fun here is also the Most Improved climbers results for the 2014/15 season.

Mile End Full results click here:

TCA Bristol results click here:

Castle Climbing Centre results click here:

Boulder Brighton results click here:

Westway full results click here:

2013-14 Season

Overall IMPROVED 2013/14 results click here:

Castle 2014 full results click here:
Scroll down for all the categories.
Ranking based on Castle event score and overall ranks based on best-of-4.

Depot Nottingham 2014 full results click here:
Overall ranking are now based on your best 3 scores as we approach the final event of this season and the crowning of the 2013/14 overall champions.

Reading 2013 full results click here:
(Only those who attended Reading event appear in the overall rankings).

Westway updated results click here: (only the folks who attended Westway round appear in the overall rankings, after Reading we will start adding everyone).

Westway Full results click here:

Scroll down the page for all categories and youth categories

Mile End Full results click here:

Scroll down the page for all categories.


The Arch - Biscuit Factory
An amazing first Blocfest season - check out the links below for all the results from the qualification round and the final round up of the overall standings.

U16 Youth category splits to follow as soon as we get the DB working again.
Massive thanks to every single name on these lists. Over and out for 2012-13 results.

U16 Boys Arch
U16 Boys overall

U16 Girls Arch
U16 Girls overall

Male Arch
Male overall

Female Arch
Female overall

Vet Arch
Vet overall

TCA - Bristol results and updated overall league scores
Check out the links to all the TCA results and the updated league scores. The overall league will be decided after the last event by taking adding your top 4 scores. i.e. if you only attended 4 out 5 events (shame on you) you will still be in for a shout. Next Blocfest is at the Biscuit factory on 9th March.

U16 Boys TCA
U16 Boys Overall

U16 Girls TCA
U16 Girls Overall

Male TCA
Male Overall

Female TCA
Female Overall

Vet Overall

Reading results and updated overall league scores

A day to remember at Reading - check out the links to see where you and your mates ended up. Next event is on 19th Feb at TCA Bristol.

U16 Boys Reading
U16 Boys Overall

U16 Girls Reading
U16 Girls Overall

Male Reading
Male Overall

Female Reading
Female Overall

Vet Reading and Overall

The Castle and overall U16 youth category splits

U16 female Castle category splits
U16 female overall category splits
U16 male Castle category splits
U16 male overall category splits

The Castle - 8th December 2012

Wow what a turn out once again for what was a really fun packed day at the Castle. A huge thank you to everyone who turned up and climbed/ hung out making the day what it was. Alex is writing a full blog with lots of nice pictures which we will stick up soon but in the intrest of getting the results up as quick we can here you go...

Check out the links below for the 25 bloc tour scores and overall standing results from the first two festivals. Finals results will be in the blog.

U16 female Castle
U16 female overall

U16 male Castle
U16 male overall

Senior Female Castle
Senior Female Overall

Senior Male Castle
Senior Male Overall

Vet Male Castle
Vet Male Overall

Vet Female - Hopefully more entries next time :-( you win prizes....

As always if you feel we have made a mistake please let us know via

MILE END - 20th October 2012

1st - Michela Tracey
2nd - Audrey Seguy
3rd - Molly Thompson-Smith
Full Mile End Senior Female Results

1st - Liam Halsey
2nd - Matt Cousins
3rd - Jez Etherton
Full Mile End Senior Male Results

1st - Ellie May
2nd - Becky Whaley
3rd - Micky Banert-Lucas
Full Mile End U16 Female Results
Full Female Youth Categories Results 

1st - Alex Waterhouse
2nd - James Pope
3rd - Sam Roberts
Full Mile End U16 Male Results
Full Male Youth Categories Results

1st - Karin Bradbury
2nd - Mary Ganczakowski
3rd - Aileen Earle
Full Mile End Veteran Female Results

1st - Tim Hatch
2nd - Andrew Bray
3rd- Stephen McCann
Full Mile End Veteran Male Results

Any misspelling or any other correction please get in touch


Full Female Scores

Full Male Scores

Full Junior Scores